sábado, 2 de maio de 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Sexy Sailor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
hope you have an amazing day and know that im think of you

im back in kathmandu
after long bus rides, crazy rides on the roof top of the buses, which is so funny, couse in portugal you cant drive without a belt, and here you can fit like 15 people on the roof of a bus and its A.OK!
i had a bath with elephants, meet amazing people, had a battle with a spider the size of my hand, and finaly got, to chitwan.. its like 40 degrees there. its an amzing place! lovely kids in the orphanage, they are 23 of them, and only one beautiful mama, mamy bashanti.
the villagers are so sweet and homeley.
the reason im back in town, is they have no water.. there is a water well, and i drank from that, but i probably shouldnt have, considering it wasnt very clean, and by that i mean it was yellow at its best... not to good for me, nor the kids. so i got very ill. i had cicled to the next village (bare in mind its 40 degrees and villages are quite far appart!) to get some water, but it finished really fast.
i couldnt breath very well, my head was a bomb, and i was really weak, so weak my hands were shaking... i couldnt stay any longer.. and it was to hot to keep hidrated. so i had to go. which was very sad for me, and the kids, who kept saying.. oh didi (older sister) dont go!! but im so glad now, beause im im alive and kicking!!! yey
at the orphanage we got up at 6, id help them with theyr homework, cook dall baht( rice with potatos and lentils) and walk them to the bus stop at 9. in between that tie and 4, i would wash clothes, scrub scrub, shovel shit, clean the house and so on, then the kids come back, help with homework again( they are sooo smart) and then make dall bhat again, and maybe at 10 they will be off to bed! so, long days.
right now i have no idea where im going next, but im smiling and hope to talk to you all soon!

im happy, having a blast *

miss you all, jessy

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  1. Jaiky, you are hereee :) bath with elephants?? that must have been like taking a bath in a dream! How are you feeling, i hope you are much better, and smiling at everyone again!!! im sorry you had to leave the orphanage, did Mini stay? New things are coming your way, i can feel it :)
    take care of yourself & Love you lots my chiquiti! i send you strength and fresh breeze to curl around your hair!
    Happy birthday Orlando :)

    p.s-words on bright red worked soo well for me, im over the moon :)

  2. oh my little Jessikiti, you were so far away.....and sick...what a relief to hear you are ok now and how sad you had to leave the kids!!
    a part from that....Samy sais it so well, I will just hug you tight and wish you sunshine and health!

    kissy on the neck from mamy and papino!!!!1

  3. Hunmmmm... It's so nice read about that beutyfull adventure stories of the most dear fat fary of the universe, bringing happiness magic to Nepal.... I'm the most happy 25 years old sexy sailor in the universe... Felling warm inside...

    - muito agradecido samy... big smiles with hugs!

    happylovingyoutreehugs... xD TERRA