terça-feira, 12 de maio de 2009

the two lovers, mini ans kshitiz, and moi at the garden caffe saying goodbye!
robb, which you cant see, but has a broken elbow, and a screwed up foot ( smart guy rode a bike without knowing how to... amongst the chaos of thailand) an mini at the teat time bombora place!
robb with his brithish humor makes fun of me most the time and mini just laughs at me!
! "only in nepal" thats what i keep saying! :)

oh lady in pink right in the beautiful pokhara lake!

as i left the school where Jan volunteers, i saw these beautiful fields!

the freak playing harmonica as they would politely say :)

Pokhara lake after sunset is just a breathtaking site, that i dont think you can take in with justa a picture..

Jan and mini, drinking an everest beer! interesting table conversations that day! haha

powerfully strong woamn, like all of them around here! ( i love the colours. her underdress in the colour of the door and her skirt is the colour od the woods. )

arentbthey gorgous? i took face ones as well but i dont have enough time or space to put every nice picture on here

this is that freaky animal! isnt it cool! like a queen!
where i camped! yey

all the kids at the dallbaht place! the ones that finished my chalk! :) they teached me a qick song game, but i can only remember it finishes with namaste!

beautiful young girl, she was so shy and pretty! its a shame, because she lost her ticka, right before this shot ( ticka are those coloured dots they put on the forehead)

the silk plant they call it..

hello there! the yellow little bulge covering the side of her face is her bays (brother) tummy

the trucks and buses here have funny horns, like they are musical ones! they dont go, beep beep, they go beeberi bumbum brarabaraba! its hillarious. but it means that you cant sleep on the buses because they beep for any reason and no reason at all!

Namascar everyone!
Im back! :)
the night before i left thamel, we had just finished dinner, and as we walked by a lady on the side of the road with 3children around her sleeping, i kneelt down, and asked her if she was ok.. mini had some leaft over pizza,(which i always make everyone pack, so we can give on the road, to the people) and she handed it to her, plus a bottle of water. i gave her my left over cake and she just burst out crying.. i gave her 100 ruppes.. wich is good sum of money around here, but in truth its just the equivalent of the misarable amount of about 1 euro..
i was heart broken that night. and felt terrible on the way to my warm bed..

the next day, i left. and after 4 hours of a hot bus ride, i rafted for 2 days around the chitwan areas which was breathtaking! i just kept thinking how lucky i am to be in Nepal in between hills and mountains, having adrenaline rushes , or just being in calm steady waters. everything here is so beautiful! i know i keep saying it, but its so true!
in between the two days of rafting, we stopped at this beach, and just a few minutes walk from there, was a small road side dallbaht stand. while i was waiting for the food, there were two lovely kids, so i took out my coloured chalk box, and called them to the side to make drawings on the pavement. within 2 minutes, every kid around was surrounding me, they were copying my drawings, and making hearts and all sorts of things, and giggling all the way through.
just so that you can have an idea of how many they were, i have no chalk leaft!
camped on the beach that night (theres a picture of the peaceful place) and made a nice fire. on the other side of the river there were lots of little flash lights, which i figured were people camping or going to fish, but one of the locals said that someone of a nearby village had died, and they were piking wood to do a cremation ceremony. hum
that night and i waited for the fire.. but nothing happened.
as i feel asleep, it felt like someone put the lights on.. it was the giant bright full moon! there was no pollutyion covering it, so i watched it all night. the next day, i saw this really nice white piece of fluff, like a blow a wish plant, so i was going to pick it up, and realised its an animal! theres a cool picture of it as well! i asked one of the locals, who happened to be the best cook ever, and he said that they turn into butterflies later.
after rafting i talked to this local man, must have been at least 60, i dont know his name but he had really good english. turns out he was in the british army for many years. A Gurkha. he had such a warm smile.
as the local bus arrives in pokhara, we approach the movement, and we spot a big mass of people. we got closer and closer, and right as we go by, we realize its a cremation. there is a dead body burning. not on the side of the road, but in the middle of the road. they had rapped him in bandages and just had him there for everyone to watch.. it was a real shock. later as i talked to robb, one of the volunteers, he explained that must have been the body of a local boy, that went to the lake with two other volunteers, and after diving never came back up, till they found the body the day i arrived in pokhara. this is all a bit morbid, but i thinks its an important thing to share with you.
We found Jan, a German science geek( its true :) but its ok, i love flowers and butterfly, so im glad that i can talk to someone that loves them as well and not feel like im boring someone out of their brains, by saying 50 times, "oh look at that! thats amazing! did you see that? "
the next day i went with jan up to where he does his volunteer work at a local school.
oh its amazing how different the systems are all over the world. i watched one of his classes, and its astonishing how all the kids seem to know everything, but they are just repeating text book stuff, so if you actually ask them what something is, they will know the definitions, but wont know what it truly is. something like they will know that a flower has petals, but they wont know what petals are. that kind of a thing. but hes really good, because he asks them, and makes them interact in the movement of the class, and make it dynamic, which is hard here.
i had a peanut butter toast today! yummy
and right now its raining!! WOHOO
tomorrow im going to anapurna, so ill write in a few days, maybe a week, so talk to you then

hugs to all *

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  1. Namascar, great traveler...
    In this days i have a feeling that you are already, more or less adapted to nepal... loocks like my feelings have been well guided (thanks to my queen) x)
    Are you so far, but i feel your energie hotter than ever...
    I come to your blog every day, and whem it have someting new, I will be a child again fascinated with the jessierella adventures...
    And then i'm silly lover that have no words, but big smiles...

    More then picture and stories, you live it...
    And i'm realy glad for all the people that is surrounding you, and balance your happy spirit...
    Lot's of owls with giant hugs for all of them...

    I wow the all nigth in the full moom, i'm shure you hear me... (without pollution it's easyer to listen) xP

    love you... and all around you...
    Lot's of afection's, hugs, and one big happy tree...

    beeberi bumbum brarabaraba

  2. jequini bellini jessyrela bestirela ! pokharaaaa é UAuuu Wowww Bumbum
    chiquiChuqui bambam yeah yeah :) ahaha
    adorei a foto da pinky lady in the water . tao bonita! aii q bommmm !!!
    tou tao contente !!!! é tao bom ver-te nas fotografiasss ! e a tocar harmonica ! e no Nepal ! wow wowww devem tar todos apaixonados pour toi :) baci bacii starshine ! big fat and hug and more kissesssss and brelhelhelhummm anddd sunflowerS ! "i love flowers and butterflies ! " =)
    missy jequi ! love plompi

  3. ah ! kiki is my best friend :)

  4. ohh what wonderful stories! and the pictures are BREATH TAKING :)
    love love the 2 little boys drinking their juices, the colours and the expression in sssooo sweet! and you playing with the kids... aaahhh you are so lovable :)
    kkiiiisssss funky

  5. i have the Pokhara lake as my desktop ........ LOVE it jequi :)
    and the one pipa was saying of the pink lady...... wow!!!

  6. hey jessy beauty ,
    you fill us with happyness over here, to see that its possible that you are there, doing whaT you do , being yourself ( beautifull , full of strengh and joy and amazement .... i never really know what to write or how to express myself here, but im so happy that you're walking this path , that you´re sharing with nepal , nepal sharing with you and us over here...
    it comforts my heart*****

    shining shinig from the inside out