terça-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2010

hello everyone! just wanted to make an entry before bed..
12 of my thoughts tonight.

1st- water is one of the tastiest things in the world.
2nd- Our lives should have soundtracks. a personal soundtrack for everyone.
3rd- Everyone should watch La belle vert Amelie and Avatar
4th- i speak to animals
5th- my sister is the coolest person on earth.
6th- i wish i could fly
7th- borage gives you courage
8th- a must have for everyone: pasta a la nonna
9th- watch saturn on a telescope now!
10th- if you flew at light speed, it would take you 2000 years to get to the milky way!
11th- im super proud of the fact that i was born in Egipt
12th- if everyone played an instrument at the same time, we would be the worlds biggest orchestra

quinta-feira, 16 de julho de 2009

we make faces*:

some days are harder then others.
there is no real reason for this, and there is nothing much you can do about it.
i dont know why it is the way it is, it just is:)
it makes you strong and closer to your close ones. it makes you love even more and take a deeper breath.. it is good, even though it is not easy.
some days, oh you smile as soon as you open your eyes and think of someone you love , your dog waggles his tail because he adores you(and you notice) you get a hug for no reason, you enjoy your tea more then the days before, you hear a song that reminds you of someone, you talk to your sister and the day is as beautiful on the other side of the world as it is here.. the sea is sooo cold that it makes you laugh, some days everyone is happy, some days everyone is there for you, some days its girls day, when you finish a batch of brownies and its ok, when you laugh so hard you cant breathe and actual tears are shed, when your friends hug you without laying a finger on you, when you love your mother so much that its overwhelming, when you do yoga with perfect strangers on the beach, and when you can make someone smile so wide, the whole world sees it! oh..
those days make all the rest worth it.

good nights, jessy
orlando and sien
me and sien

segunda-feira, 22 de junho de 2009

did someone say friends?

Do you know those people that make you smile just by thinking of them? it might be because they are sweet, funny, very huggable, silly, kind, or just because you dont know why you love them so much, except the fact that you do!
i have this a lot! i also have lots of "anonymous friends". i believe that anyone who can make you smile is a friend. anyone who makes a positive difference in your day, can be your friend.
..the lady that gives you a lift because you look like her daughter, the man that says hello with a big smile, every morning without knowing your name. the girl that you shared good laughs with, on the plane, the guy that when you asked for a direction, said: ill take you! :) the old lady that gives you a bag of plums because time might go by faster, the taxi driver that offers to take you for free because you're lost, the lady that gets of the bus, looks at you and says you are beautiful, the good friend of a friend that you have never even seen, and lets not forget the friend that you talk to, but is not really there.. you know, the imaginary friends everyone keeps in their pocket! all these people are my friends, and probably yours too.. a friend of a friend, is my friend to!
welcome friends of the universe!! :) nice to meet you!

to all of my good dear fantastical friends:
samy, mom, dad, oma, opa, nonna, nonno, pipa, sara, pardal, zeca, tina, carlos, lho, vi, pedro, pedro, rod, leo, lourenço, sien, orlando, idalina, shani, stephie, paul, nicholas, mafalda, joana, lourenço, mariana, fatima, sammy, raul, anita, claudi, colin, martina, adriano, chico, sara, sarmento, aninhas, jonas, the nepali girl that thinks im funny, vera, ines, ninhas, catarina,the 3 placidos, salima, mohan, angelina, rita, liliana, sara, marina, dr deepika, esther, jim, robbie, joel, charley, robb, michael, brett, the guy that says, "we believe in karma",lurdes, diana, rosa, carlos, lina and co., anny, enrico, daniela, saskia, ando, antony, sally, viola, valentina, vicky, max, marco, annie, fernanda, renata, brenda, brin, mini, ash, mackey, ines, ana rita, the old lady in the local nepali bus that talked and talked, crista, anica, pipa, luis, bernardo, joana, ana, catarina, rivca, william, seed, helio, luz, belarmina, everyone in the circle of magoito, because i never see them, but i care deeply for them, the england bunch, ferrucio, uccha, mammy bashanti, brian, the man from the sky, prazeres, the laundry man in thamel, ohh i could go on for ever:) and i know i havent mentioned a lot.. you tell me!

have a wonderful day* jessy

domingo, 31 de maio de 2009


 buddah bar peer pressure! charley and me having a laugh!, he just spat on robb! :)


namasteee! a good day to all of you out there! this world, this life, its a song. you can sing out of tune, and you can hit the notes just right, what matters is that you smile while you do it. learn it always a bit better, so that at the end, you can sing it all over again! 

2 musketeers, world guy, world girl, and a pirate that atracts only nepali guys! 
awesome night! 

segunda-feira, 25 de maio de 2009

playing footsey with the tibetan border

namaste! bonjour, hello, buon guiorno, hallo, ola, and all of that! :)
yesterday i arrived from my little trip to Tibet! haha
Joel and i decided to get on a bus and go to the tibetan border! its a 6 hour journey, but we did acouple of stops, went to dulikhel, and tatopani.
in dulikhel we were in a beautiful spot on a top of a hill. and woke up at 5 am to see the mountains, which allthough were in the mist, were beautiful!
we left to tatopani, supposed to go to the hot springs.. ok, now whats the image you get when you read hot springs? think abit... ok, now ill tell you their idea of it..
go down some steps, and then you have a concrete little house, and its open on one side, divided in two, gents and ladies, and then, shower heads. with people having full on, soap showers! ok!!!!
so we decided to pass that, and make a move on to the next bus roof top! uh, these roads are freakshley scary! we were like, were on our way to tibet!!
we arrived in codari, right next to tibet! we were probably the only foreigners there.. people were not very pleased with our presence. the looked at us in a very unwelcome way and just stared, and Nepalis do love their staring!
by then, the only thing separating us from tibetan land, was a huge river!! ..and a massive gate..and a bridge... and a monster pile of shit, and garbage.. and some guys ready to kick our ass if we try anything suspicious!! haha
they don't allow anyone in Tibet.. there are a bunch of restrictions and it involves a ton of money!! so Joel and i woke up, and walked up to the big gate. people were going in and out with bags and merchandise on their backs.. everything was wet, including us, monsoon has started, so its raining non stop by this time. everything is muddy and very dirty. so basically we just went through these gates without a blink from anyone, and crossed all of these massive trucks and merchandise vans, and right there, behind all of that chaos, where it would occur to no one.. there was the bridge. the bridge linking Nepal to Tibet. the bridge, that without politics and cultural discrimination and immigration issues in the way, we could have just walked through.. step on a land that is equal to all other lands..
instead, i took my camera out to take a picture of the river, beautiful enormous river, and wasn't aloud.
i wasn't aloud to take a picture of natures gift.. its no ones property. yet i couldn't do it. it makes you think..
we walked towards the middle of the bridge.. were on each side of the bridge, stand to soldiers under a multy colourful umbrella. there is a line that divides the two countries.. its a thick red line with a thin white line on each side of it, and it runs across the length of the bridge. although we were pretty intimidated by the cold Chinese looks, we asked if a picture of the line was permitted. more obvious than not, they gestured with a no. we stood on our side of the line.. just staring at this virtual brick wall.. and as we talked, just discretely put our foot over, and round again..! :) ive physically been in Tibet! we did it, walked away, passed the tons of trucks, the little river smelling of fish, went by the mean looking nepalis, and got on a bus to Kathmandu! :)
we smiled to ourselves, that was so worth it!
when i arrived, i heard about the bomb in patan, near Kathmandu. thankfully i had no idea, and am ok! everyone ive been around with, is ok as well!

i have been asked by Katrina corps in new Orleans to come help them!
im still waiting to know further details though..

samy is going to San Fransisco in a couple of weeks with her friend Robby, and then is probably going solo somewhere in the south! im so excited for you samy! :)

i send big tight hugs to my lovely and sweet grand meres! they are amongst the strongest women i know. and i admire them. i hope they know that friendship is one of the most important things in this world. i miss you both. see you soon*

my family of friends has gotten a bee hive! wohoo! bees on the rise
power to the worlds greatest folks, whom i care very deeply for: orlando, leo, rod, lourenco, shani, joana, sammy, raul, sarmento,adry, anita, sara, jonas, aninhas and all of you that i might have not mentioned!(sien too!)
i miss you guys a lot!

smiles to plompi compota!! big big smiles to my friend that i love dearly. always by my side! kiki.. miss toi

sarita e pardalini, who are true sunshines! its a brick friendship! 

a big shout out to my old friends, lho, ivi, pedro and pedro moranguini, you come and go, you mean alot to me and after what we've been through together, i expect many more years of sillyness with your sweet company*

mamush and papush, i coudlnt ask to have any two better people in my life.. i love you, respect you, admire you, miss you, and am forever thankful to you. thank you for being who you are, where you are, when you are.

a warm namaste to the whole world. i love you all. jessy

joel and robb, the funniest people alive! having a laugh with bryan, the man from the sky!
that is the pile of trash i mentioned before.. right behind those trucks, is tibet..wonderful impression
local lady in thamel, picking up the trash in vain.. unlikely to make much of a difference..
this is what i mean..they actually have no dustbins..
joel at the morning rise.. in dulikhel. beautiful isnt it?
kids near the view.. playing football and meaning it as well! money was involved! :) they were so excited
young boy and young catty, in construction.. hard work.. thats what they do all day.. carry bricks, over their heads..!
field working on the way to tatopani

this is quite sweet and LOvely:) local ice lolly stand!

just outside of thamel.. soldeirs do their routine stand outside the big walls.
i suppose ive seen more lively kids.. it depends alot on the areas i go to..

now.. a cup of tea for ferrucio..
the lovely man that i remember. the man who had lengthy conversations with plants and bugs.

see you soon*