domingo, 31 de maio de 2009


 buddah bar peer pressure! charley and me having a laugh!, he just spat on robb! :)


namasteee! a good day to all of you out there! this world, this life, its a song. you can sing out of tune, and you can hit the notes just right, what matters is that you smile while you do it. learn it always a bit better, so that at the end, you can sing it all over again! 

2 musketeers, world guy, world girl, and a pirate that atracts only nepali guys! 
awesome night! 

5 comentários:

  1. jequitaaaa!! tas tao bonita ! q lindas cores ! q linda a tua foto !! ohhh laugh laughhhh e tens um anelitoooo !!! que bem q te ficaaa!! love love ! namaste shiny girl . ! a big hug ! moi plimpota compota :)

  2. like a shiny ingrina!
    hugging you tight
    ma and pa

  3. Hi, there fat fary...
    are you ok..!?
    hummm... is this ring some kind of proposal... some nepali prince... xP
    i know i'm just a big farter sailor, but i keep my proposal... i have no ring for you rigth now, hummm, but i have fruits o love and happiness =P
    you know... i feel it...

  4. Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.

  5. Love you funky, the world is your oyster, now go hog the ticket machine :)