sábado, 16 de maio de 2009

humanity is the only religion and love the only priest.. -kimche,

hey guys! im so happy when i read your comments! you make me smile..
oh..! where do i start? ive just had the most amazing days! i went trekking on the poon hill circuit up in the annapurna mountain.
as the day starts, i know im going to have to walk about 7 hours up hill..so that's a booster!
it began in a small village with my backpack and a full bottle of water, oh and my camera!
its quite funny trying to talk to the local villagers.. the intent is there, but you end up just exchanging a mix of signs and facial expressions!

its such an amazing culture, im always so mesmerized. i was about to leave the village when i see a little girl.. i felt like i should stop and so i did with a namaste.. she tugged at her ears, and her grandma called me.. i took a look and she had a gnarly infection behind her ears.. i took out my little kit, cleaned her hands, her face, her ears, and put some arnica where i could.. i ended up putting a plaster as well. but there is really so much could do.. i fell like, i was lucky i stopped.. they have no real communication with people that can help, there is a great language barrier, and they have no medical care up there.. which they are in dire need of. every year people loose their homes, crops and family members to the monsoons, due to the unstable ground and big landslides. people are greatly injured and they will go on months without medical care. because it is an area with hard access, to keep their vegetables, they pick them in mass, and them smash the juices out, and dry up the bunch.

about to cross the river, there was a group of people sitting, it was a cremation ceremony.. the body was ready, they just needed to collect the last bits of wood. women where aloud to assist, but in many villages, women are considered having weak hearts because they cry, and for this reason they are banned from the ceremony.
as the journey went on, we went by, a school, saw wild orchids, saw beautiful fountains, saw loads of goats, carrier donkeys, loads of wild marijuana plants and a wedding ceremony! they have a 24 hour long party and the next day the wedding takes place.
after 3000 steps and torturous climbing, we get to the days end..Uleri a nice little guest house on the hills side. the room, was a little cardboard box! haha unstable floor, amazing view! the next day, another 6 hours to go, ended up meeting Bret and Michael. which were realy cool,even though their from california :) Bret is a motivational speaker (im not sure what you call it) and Michael is 22 and lived in china for 6 months, ending up learning how to speak and write fluent Chinese! its an amazing accomplishment! it was so nice meeting them, time went by really well with all the conversations and laughing sessions. we got to the end of the 2nd day! yey were alive!
we had dinner, and then the most surreal evening! picture this: a handful of crazy trekkers, up on a small hut in the middle of the mountains, with a bunch of nepali people and suddenly, hotel California comes up, and macarena after that, and Michael Jackson, and Madonna, and Jennifer Lopez and everyone just gets up and starts dancing! including peter, 55, Robbin, 60 and mike 64! they have been trekking for 2 weeks and are still going at it! so that was a hilarious night, that ended with me, up and cozy in a nice warm bed in a hut bellow beautiful mountains!
the next day, once again, everyone goes at their own pace. i talk and take pictures, some just walk, some get tired and need brakes.. i climbed this silent hill at maybe 7 in the morning, and arrived a the top and its covered in mist. it was a beautiful and peaceful place. with Tibetan praying flags. i ended up meeting a dozen more people, danish girls, dutch guy, Pascal, Australian girl, Russian girl who was about to get married, Israeli guy, and french girls( Camille and Margot, i remember!! )
the view up in tadapani is breathtaking, and although its quite literally freezing up there, you kind of never want to leave! my hands started pealing and wrinkling the day i started trekking.. like id been in water for hours..
i was a bit disappointed on the last day.. i encountered a lot of kids, and they all asked me for chocolates and sweets, which i didn't have..
so i went by one kid, he must have been about 2 or 3 years old.. and the same happened here, sweets? chocolate? i turned to him.. hoina, mafganus, (i dont have.. sorry) and wanted to move on, and as im about to turn, he picks up a stone! i looked at him.. "are you kidding? really? your agoing to through me at stone? let me get his straight.. i have no sweets so you want to through me a stone? i cant give you anything so get on with your life.." he kept threatening me! i felt ridiculous having a conversation like this, with a 2 year old Nepali in the middle of the mountains.. but yes, as i turned my back to him.. he through the stone..
i guess i cant really blame him. but i was saddened by this.
the last day was painful.. its not the going up bit that hurts, its when you start going down.. my muscles are a big pile of mush! im in pain, because the whole 7hours your legs are supporting your body in order to stop you from falling!

i was reading a magazine this morning and read a couple articles on really impressive people , i wrote some of their names down in my journal, so i want to share them with you guys!
Paul kagame- ended the slaughter caused by the genocide and ended the mass corruption in Rwanda.he was elected Rwandas president in 2000.

somaly man- born around the same time as the Khmer rouge regime was born. at the age of 12 she was sold to sexual slavery, and ended up in a brothel for 10 years, before she managed to escape with the help of an aid worker. she fled Cambodia in 1993. in 1996 she created the AFESIP ( agir pour le femmes en situation precaire) shes helped 4000 women escape brothels and reintegrate them in the society.

Jon Favreau, is 27 and is the person that helps Obamas write his long speeches. his his private speech witter. those speeches that chill so many peoples souls, that move and shake countrys around the world, are written with Obamas input, but the magical words are formed by this one guy behinds scenes.

Barbara Hogan, is 57, she actively resisted apartheid and organized boycotts. for this she spent 8 years of brutal incarceration in Pretoria central prison. she was then released and appointed minister of health.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, is African 1st female president, being such a great inspiration to so many people. like Wangary Maathai, the book im reading is on her, and she was the 1st black woman to win the Nobel prize. shes also an environmentalist and women rights defender.

morning time! wow, croissant and milk tea!

'hello Poppe't! thats one of the little huts! it was freezing!

this is the cremation ceremony.. its not very clear, but maybe you can click on it..

the beautiful fish tail mountain.. its is considered the holly mountain, actually i was told its the holiest mountain on earth.. no one is aloud to climb it.. isnt it beautiful
the little girls ears..
trekkers leave little surprises on the way:) and nature is interested. there are loads of lady birds here!
oh the great trekkers, Robbert,60, Mike, 64 and peter, 55! they were hilarious!
the cobra plant! its a beautiful orchid that was all around the mountains!
the misty hill.. it was so stunning, i didnt have any words. thats Bret, 2 locals and Michael.
i love this picture! its so clear, and she was so still and helpful! :)
Bainey (little sister)and Day(older brother) i gave them some cookies, oh the bliss!
Anapurna... the energy there was amazing! check out the little Alladin curley cloud on the left bottom corner!
venga boys perhaps? :) a guide on my right, and micahel behind me with his dopeness hat, but there were so many more dancers!
veggie dry up preparation!

little girl took that finger right out of her mouth and shoved it on my lens! smudged the camera and giggled of!!
i cant begin to tell you how amazing that horse in the middle of the field was! i was alone, so i took out my remote and took my first self portrait! take a look at the rainbow! :)
women here, as i have said many times before, have such a spirit and are such hard workers.. their hands are the mirror of how much they work..

little hut at night.. cozy double blanket bed.
shes like a little bug isnt she? wide eyes, and big smiles after that.

im ever so proud of this picture, because he wanst actually smiling at all, and when i was finished, i kept my camera up, and hoped that as he moved forward he would give me something, and he did give me a little eye smile.

remember her so well, and that orange door and wall.. she was sad looking

oh!! baby goats, just jumping up and down! our theory is that they are all doped up from all the weed they eat!

the rain season started, soon the monsoons arrive! it just stopped raining! that's my cue*
big hugs to all, jessirela didi bainey

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  1. Bainy, my traveller bainy! I should be studying for my exam (thats next week), but i cant stop reading your posts and loosing myself in your words and pictures, oh my, the wings on that little bug, they seem made out of a silky material!
    Robbert, Mike and Peter look so good and healthy :)
    the cremation ceremony is a strong & intense shot, just like the picture showing the little girls ears, im so proud of you and how you helped her, it must not have been easy.
    the picture of the hands, im in love with the detail and the colours of the cloth "fusing/blending" with the hands!
    I can see you in the reflexion of the little girls eyes, hihi hey puki :)
    and wooowww! your first self-portrait, is absolutely breath-taking! look at that wonderful horse with all that light and that magical rainbow!!!!
    you fill me with immense peace, *thank-you*.

    Lots of dancing hugs full of jumping goats :)

    p.s-cozy place to write your journal!

  2. p.s 2- thanks for sharing your magazine articles, that was a really interesting and nice detail!
    p.s 3- hope your legs are ok :)

  3. namaste didi, nanu!!!!
    daniebad for the derei ramru pictures and the stories!!
    you are ou little indrina!!
    hugs from ma and pa

  4. jequinaa bambinaaaa!!! lembrei-me de ti e vim a correr ao computer !
    tou a comer chocolate ! um kissettt bissettt enorrrme ! nao vou conseguir ler tudo agora ! mas a foto das pedrinhas e ladybirdddd ta linda ! e o cavalito branco.. aahhhh q bom ! e as outras todinhas! HUG HUG !!!! pipiiiiiii - PIPIIIII ? :)

  5. hey hey hey... big healer, white wizard...
    great adventures... climbing a lot... i loked at your muscles in the pictures, and you loock much stronger, a bit red skin, and sexy... =P
    you are taking beutyfull pictures, i put the one with you and the white horse, in my background... =) the cobra plant loock's like it was painted... i love the old man with the umbrella, and i love you to... =P
    ohh... strong soul... strong feelings around you... and it is realy greatfull, read about all that... it is heavy, but i'm so happy that you are taking it well...
    hummmmmm... missing you more and more... and get in a lots of love, more and more...
    it's like i'm missing you, but i'm happy for that... strange feeling that makes me love more than ever...

    hummmmm... (you win) lol xD