sexta-feira, 8 de maio de 2009

tomorrow 8hour bus ride again!

welcome flower water*

mantra flags- tibetan, hindi, over monkey temple

red chilly rice- they use it to offer the gods food and richness*

this time ill go to Pokhara! we meet a couple of people and we are going there.
there are lots of schools were i could be helpful, and there is the beautiful annapurna circute to trekk! so im super excited about that!
i forgot to mention, that i meet a very funny odd man from the sky, he sais. :)
his name is brian. and has red long beard, hes 60 and has been traveling for a year. i see him everymorning with a coffe in one hand and one ciggy on the other.
i might not writte for a wile because treeking takes as long as it takes, and ill camp around the mount, so there will be no way for me to post pictures or anything!

lots of love to all,
and big mega hugs to mom, dad, samirela my sistirela the big smiler, plimpofsky my laughing buddy, shani banani my cooking companion and my lovely big giant, captain happy tree***

2 comentários:

  1. jequina q fotos bonitas!!! big big hug ! pokhara ! totanhom ! avinhom !
    pom pom ! haha HUGS HUGS !

  2. jequita so happy to see you back in a blogging mood :)
    up and about chilly and happiness in our soul! hugs ma and sa