segunda-feira, 4 de maio de 2009

ohh i wish you could see what i see

amazing kids, laughing away- day before last at the orphanage.

Having a giggle with Dipika, shes a cutie*

these 2 beauties werent from the orphanage.. theynjust watched as our kids went to school and they didnt... it was sad... but they were so sweet.

amazing women here in nepal. they are so strong, in spirit and soul!
all the kids right before school time:)
thats puki, dipa and parmila! cute cute cute
elefant rides are great!!! so much fun!

thats miss millhouse and me going back to kathmandu!

5 comentários:

  1. Beutyful ligths, colors, animals, kids, human beings and happiness around jessirella...
    is so comfortable, see you smiling... x)

  2. hello big little miss sunshine ** is'nt this world an amazing place ?|!| ;o) mama is on the way with bigmamamegapower ! :) yuhooo !
    someone told me once that everything is perfect

    lots lots lots


    from your ancient pal shani botswani

    p.s. i was walking in my front garden when i peaked into the mailbox. it was full, so i opend and *plim a card fell on the ground **yuhuu so great ** write us your adress!

  3. funky punky, soo nice to see your smile :)
    look at that nature, all that green, the elephants, all the children! oh me oh my! Love looking at all the pictures, they are beautiful!!!!!! you are beautiful! and so strong :)

    hugs for you & mamushi!

  4. oh me oh my :) jequina ! nao te reconheci di oculitos hahaa
    quuiii hiiraaaaa !!! and a big bisset bisou pour ma petit cabaret, cacauet, pretty pretty blowing flower - jequina bellina ! lobi lobi *

  5. ahhh ! orlandeco ! parabensss!! becitos becitossss ! e pa shani et pa samireleeeeee * kissy!!