quarta-feira, 6 de maio de 2009

good morning everyone! Today i saw everest!!!

thats an amazing view!!

there were endless blankets of so many colours

thats mini and me the day we got food poisoning....! but it was a really good day! we were trying to put on the candle*

oh isnt she pretty eating her ice lolli ? yellow to match and all

this is a picture of some of the mounts that surround mount everest!

so we went at 5 in the morning in this little dinggy put put plane, and just went up and up and up... oh gasping all the time at the wonders nature has to give us.. and the sad part is, that you could see much better many years before.. but now polution has taken over..
from town you cant see one mountain.. and thats the only thing that surrounds us...
oh im so glad i could see that and bring a piece to show you*

many many smiles, jessirela
today i listned to the pretty pretty song bigfoot did! its beautiful*

3 comentários:

  1. AAAHHH SOO EXCITING, where do i even begin??? :)
    those blues....i could swim with them, i could fly in them, I have the second one as my desktop picture!
    this is the apple pie of my day :)
    love you lots puki

  2. GOOD MORNING STARSHINE ! the earth says hellooo :)
    bissy kissy punts unks tants ants tra iulalaa *
    love plimpzz

  3. Hey big old montain...
    I was trying to imagine before seen it in those pictures... now i want to imgine much more than what I saw... and i'm sure that will be little comparing with the mr. Real Everest...

    Não é facil ter 2 metros, imagina só 7000 e tál... xP

    montain hugs...