sexta-feira, 24 de abril de 2009

lala is yes

little beautiful girl, she saw my camera and asked me to take a picture, all her friends came running from across the street, and they all had such huge smiles! they were screaming all the time, take solo picture of me! solo! :)

Mini and Moi at the reggae bar that Shitis brought us to! (never imagined there would be a reggae bar in nepal!) mini got a attaked by a monkey!! hah

this was taken at the buddihst monastary today, light a candle for peace.

Isnt she gorgeous? she just stared at me and waved at my camera, so i took her picture! such a sweet lady*

some friends of the little girl that also wanted pictures. they were great, just posing away and laughing all the time!

this is an adorable man, that was praying at the buddihst monastary! i asked him if i could take a picture, so, very fast, he put his hat on and posed for me. i smiled and left hem with a namaste.

Another friends of the little girl! they were such shining stars! *

today i bought my mamush a SQUARE moon stone ring! yey mamina belina!!
so, the city is quite fun and really alive, but i have decided that i want to go to the mountains and villages, so after tomorrow, im going to chitwan.. a village in the middle of the jungle, they have a monastary there and an orphanage, where i can stay to sleep eat and help! so im really excited about that! its and 8 hour bus trip in these really crappy roads. im not going to have internet there, so im not sure when i can writte again.. so, till next time, many many hugs

oh i met this really nice israely couple, they are 23 and have been traveling for 4 months now, they tought me so hebrew words:
rain: gesham
friend: hraver
beautiful: yefe
autumn- stav

so, much haviv to all.jessy

quarta-feira, 22 de abril de 2009

just a few moments*

after this picture, she pulled out of her sleave the biggest smile.

jessy, amazed at all the old silver pieces!

i see mohan every day, and every day he says with a smile! jessy chechi, how you doing? today he gave these little roasted thinngis!

happy happy day ma'am! so nice you take picture of me and my brother:) they put petals on my head, and with that red finger he dabed my forehead.

day by flying*

namaste everyone!
today was a full full day!
a local girl, sanjitzi, taught me some nepali, and it was so much fun
im spending my time with a girl i meat here, mini, and two local boys, i cant really remeber their names most the time, but we are always walking about together, they show us around alot, drinking chai, and singing neplai songs!
moskeetos here are crazy!!
the light hasnt been cut off to often today, only a couple of times, but very ali ali( little)
today i was quite surprised, as there was a little boy sitting near the trash, and i looked at him and smiled, he came running to me, asking for money, i said, follow me, to the market. i asked, what do you want? powder milk( really not cheap)
one of the guys i was with said, dont do it, so,
instead i bought the boy a big pack of cookies. when i handed them over he said no and left.
later on the local boy said.. never trust, ever.
he explained to me, "you give him milk, he sells it for half price, and then goes of to buy something that is made to repair tires, puts it in a paper bag. gets together with other kids, and they inhale it. it makes them dizzy for a couple of minutes, and then stops them from feeling hungry.." so that made me really sad..
two steeps ahead, and i still have this cookie bag.. theres a little kid sitting on the side of the road. i look at him and wave the cookies. HUGE smile, he waves back, so i go towards him and more kids run to us, i gave them all the cookies and they were just blissfully happy!
later on i whent to this really amazing garden, called the garden of dreams. and it really was*
in the evening, ahh! just remembered one of the guys name! shitsi,
so he said, ok, we go bar! so we whent to: Tondra Reggae Bar.
there were some guys playing music, and some nepalese food, and drinks! had a laugh and off to happy home jessy goes!
light is still on and i want to share all this with you guys!

deri ramru (very beautiful) day to all!
ps-im a great bargner! haha
many many smiles, jessy

terça-feira, 21 de abril de 2009

pikky? just a bitty*

old lady, with bindi powder on her hands..
she was in a temple selling old prayer rolls.

Namaste! Namascar!

^Buddha statue, the dabs of colour are put on during prayers, its supposed to simbolise the wisdom of the gods^

if you want to say hi, you say namaste, but if u want to be very respectful, you say namascar.
AH! its amazing!
people, are a bit suspicious sometimes, but most of the time it takes one smile and theyre so kind!
tou a ficar numa casa de uma familia local, um pouco disfuncional(haha) vivem ali 8 pessoas sem contar comigo, e comemos a mesma coisa ao pequeno almoco ao almoco e ao jantar: arroz com leite, legumes mega picantes, e sopa de lentilhas!
as criancas correm atraz de mim sorridentes, acham imensa piada, uma branquinha cm sardas! querem fotos e ouvir-me a falar nepales, dhaniubad! (obrigada) e comeca tudo a rir! mas os locais cm quem estou a ficar dizem q estao admirados por estar a aprender tao r'apido!

here you cant share your food. if you have touched it, its contamination. you cant share a bottle of water, that has touched your lips, contamination. cant use your left hand to eat, pass things or touch someone. thats the hand they use to wipe their bumbum..! you cant hold hands, hug, kiss on the mouth, on the face or forehead, if doing so with the opposite sex..
i asked one of the girls that lives in my home ( they call it the happy home) rina, 17 what shes wants to do in life. she said.. "part time help mamma at home, part time watch TV. then have kids as well.."
after a long day, it started raining! they say it hasnt rained in ages! so, everyone on the streets just starts running and laughing "the rain godess must be happy with us" :)

the temples are amazing! this is all amazing!
many many smiles to everyone
mero naam jessy ho!
my name is jessy

sábado, 18 de abril de 2009

wagamama night*

And so, Samy and Robbie took me out on a london dinner!
yummy food and great company. 
uhhh mustash kitchen fun! only one pound everyone! :)


airport drop-off:)

after saying a fairwell to mamunshka and papush, 
shani banani, orlandini tralimini, lindos lindos, levaram-me ao aeroporto
e aturaram uma jessy emocional.. 
thank you guys!
wohiii, shani has a cat! miss lima:) its the perfect name! 
hugs to all, 
my trip has begun*

quinta-feira, 16 de abril de 2009

Bonjour everyone!

bonjour tout le mond! 
this is my travel blog, created by my dearest samy! :)
i leave this saturday and will try to keep you updated on this page, with pictures and all about my treasured adventures! im not sure how it is with internet cafes around where im staying, but im sure ill have no trouble, so come along, im taking you all with me on this great journey to nepal.. 
love you all,

spinning like a madwoman, jessy