sexta-feira, 24 de abril de 2009

lala is yes

little beautiful girl, she saw my camera and asked me to take a picture, all her friends came running from across the street, and they all had such huge smiles! they were screaming all the time, take solo picture of me! solo! :)

Mini and Moi at the reggae bar that Shitis brought us to! (never imagined there would be a reggae bar in nepal!) mini got a attaked by a monkey!! hah

this was taken at the buddihst monastary today, light a candle for peace.

Isnt she gorgeous? she just stared at me and waved at my camera, so i took her picture! such a sweet lady*

some friends of the little girl that also wanted pictures. they were great, just posing away and laughing all the time!

this is an adorable man, that was praying at the buddihst monastary! i asked him if i could take a picture, so, very fast, he put his hat on and posed for me. i smiled and left hem with a namaste.

Another friends of the little girl! they were such shining stars! *

today i bought my mamush a SQUARE moon stone ring! yey mamina belina!!
so, the city is quite fun and really alive, but i have decided that i want to go to the mountains and villages, so after tomorrow, im going to chitwan.. a village in the middle of the jungle, they have a monastary there and an orphanage, where i can stay to sleep eat and help! so im really excited about that! its and 8 hour bus trip in these really crappy roads. im not going to have internet there, so im not sure when i can writte again.. so, till next time, many many hugs

oh i met this really nice israely couple, they are 23 and have been traveling for 4 months now, they tought me so hebrew words:
rain: gesham
friend: hraver
beautiful: yefe
autumn- stav

so, much haviv to all.jessy

4 comentários:

  1. so happy to hear your voice! such nice pics and such lovely smiles!! we went to check chitwan and there is a National Park!! animals of all kinds, birds, Bengali tigers, elephants´s the home of Tharu people,and we saw pics of the monastery and the village, from there you see Mount Everest as though it was in your back yard! wow so exciting!!!!
    keep safe, hug you tight!!
    Ma and Pa

  2. OMG!!!!! you bought me a square moonstone????
    as in the one I have been dreaming about for 20 years????

    and on another note, LALA is Yes? it must feel pretty funny to you, after having heard it all your life in a totally different context!! HIHIHi

  3. oh the children are luminous, their smiles are full of joy!! nice fruit juices :) as photos esatao LINDAS, todas, fiquei a olhar paras as velas durante imenso tempo, o detalhe de cada chama, o que elas simbolizam, photo hipnotisante! A village in the middle of the jungle!!! ssooo exiting!!!!!!! ah, no internet, take lots of notes, we want to know everything! im so proud of you :)
    HUGS pour toi*

    ps-the moonstone had to come from somewhere special ;)

  4. hey shining star !
    so so happy for you , you're being born again, and shinig shining shining !from what you've showed us here , you´re experiences seem almost like in those hidden dreams but at the same time so in the present , in the now . living the moment in such a rich way . don't know how to explain, but i'm feeling you, feeling the energy , thank you jessy **fills my heart with inner smiles when you're on my mind . lots of humble power hugs *****love you :) ...shani banani