terça-feira, 21 de abril de 2009

Namaste! Namascar!

^Buddha statue, the dabs of colour are put on during prayers, its supposed to simbolise the wisdom of the gods^

if you want to say hi, you say namaste, but if u want to be very respectful, you say namascar.
AH! its amazing!
people, are a bit suspicious sometimes, but most of the time it takes one smile and theyre so kind!
tou a ficar numa casa de uma familia local, um pouco disfuncional(haha) vivem ali 8 pessoas sem contar comigo, e comemos a mesma coisa ao pequeno almoco ao almoco e ao jantar: arroz com leite, legumes mega picantes, e sopa de lentilhas!
as criancas correm atraz de mim sorridentes, acham imensa piada, uma branquinha cm sardas! querem fotos e ouvir-me a falar nepales, dhaniubad! (obrigada) e comeca tudo a rir! mas os locais cm quem estou a ficar dizem q estao admirados por estar a aprender tao r'apido!

here you cant share your food. if you have touched it, its contamination. you cant share a bottle of water, that has touched your lips, contamination. cant use your left hand to eat, pass things or touch someone. thats the hand they use to wipe their bumbum..! you cant hold hands, hug, kiss on the mouth, on the face or forehead, if doing so with the opposite sex..
i asked one of the girls that lives in my home ( they call it the happy home) rina, 17 what shes wants to do in life. she said.. "part time help mamma at home, part time watch TV. then have kids as well.."
after a long day, it started raining! they say it hasnt rained in ages! so, everyone on the streets just starts running and laughing "the rain godess must be happy with us" :)

the temples are amazing! this is all amazing!
many many smiles to everyone
mero naam jessy ho!
my name is jessy

3 comentários:

  1. namaste my darling....you blow us away!!
    big tight hug from ma and pa

  2. Namaste funky! im reading this post while having dinner :) que palavras tao lindas, consigo ver tudo!
    so funny a resposta dela, im so curious to see and hear more! "the rain godess must be happy with us" aaahhhh, what a wonderful feeling :)
    fat hugs

  3. NAMESTE JEQUINA !!!! big hugs ! smiles and rainbow !
    part time help mamma part time watch tv :)
    hug hug bumbum