quarta-feira, 22 de abril de 2009

just a few moments*

after this picture, she pulled out of her sleave the biggest smile.

jessy, amazed at all the old silver pieces!

i see mohan every day, and every day he says with a smile! jessy chechi, how you doing? today he gave these little roasted thinngis!

happy happy day ma'am! so nice you take picture of me and my brother:) they put petals on my head, and with that red finger he dabed my forehead.

3 comentários:

  1. HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!!
    nice pictures, nice smiles, thanks for sharing your stories with us!!
    tight hugs!
    Ma and Pa

  2. you are surrounded by beutyful colors...
    pretty amazed jessy...
    i'm smiling a lot reding your beutyful stories...
    happytreehugs to the "deri ramru" je je...

  3. aahh, so wonderful, what the brothers said made me laugh, im loving all the pictures :)
    kiki you look beautiful! you are right in your element, happiness all around you :)