quarta-feira, 20 de maio de 2009

so where did i drop you off...? ah trekking!
ive been traveling alone again, but out here its hard to actually be alone! you always have some traveler or local to chat with, and probably spend a good amount of time discovering different cultures!
there are a lot of Israeli travelers, a lot of English as well, but ive met people from all over the world!
i spent some time in a Tibetan refugee camp, i asked them if i needed to pay if i wanted to stay a couple of days and help out. the monk said if i wanted to leave a donation i could but no money was required.. its really silent up there and its quite lonesome. their English is a bit limited, so its hard to communicate sometimes..
i was meant to go to Ghorka yesterday, i booked my bus ticket, and was ready to go to bed, when i go by the hot sandwich place, and spot Joel, from England, which i met through Robb. i stopped to chat , and he said he had a really nice day, because him and some people had rented motorbikes! (out here you don't need a license and they dont ask for any documentation) and he said that they were going to do it again the next day, and that i should join them! (after i went to chitwan on a bike this made me very tempted!!) so, on the spare of the moment, i canceled my bus ticket, and the next day, rented a scooter, along with Joel, Ash, from Georgia, Michelle, and Adam from England, and Charley from England and japan! we all had breakfast and spent the day just riding around mountains and lakes!. we stopped at this beautiful place, picked up little row boats, and went for a swim in this amazing lake! my bike was crap and it was falling apart half the time! :P we entered a bumpy road, which is basically stones, we soon realized it would ruin the bikes, so we turned around, and of course i got a flat tire, which later i discovered was caused by a huge nail! ash and Charley went to look for a mechanic, while the rest of us just sat in the shade! :)
a couple of minutes sitting on the grass and some girls were peaking at us, and giggling and waving at Joel. i asked if they wanted a picture, to which they were so excited, they called me over to their side, and invited me into their home..! they were so smiley and happy*
the guys came back with a mechanic, and as he was sorting things out, a surreal ice cream truck showed up out of the durt road, in the middle of nowhere! so, we, obviously stopped them, and got a tub of vanilla and a tub of chocolate ice cream!! oh cold and yummy
while my bike was being fixed i was left with a load of locals, and my camera! what to do? they looove pictures! im sorry ma!! haha i just LOVED riding a scooter!! it felt so free and it was so much fun riding within cows!!
today we were supposed to go to Kathmandu but we missed the bus, so we go tomorrow on a 6 hour bus ride! ahhhhhh
a big hug to all! hope all my letters and postcards are getting there.. i know it might take a while..! lots of love, and many smiles to all! jessirela*

hope everything is bright and shiney at your end of the world!

i love this shot, you can just tell hes a trouble maker!

uh!! icecream truck! :)

Ash with a happy smile and tubs of ice cream!
Joel, Michelle and Adam, sitting in a nice shade! thats my bike at the way back scenery!

one of the sisters that invited me into her home!
she was even more beautiful in person!
precious kids.. funny and alive! little chekky munchkins!

yehee! jessy on her master scooter! say dallbhat!

im serious...! they acctualy have products to make skin lighter, to like, bleach their skin! products that actually sell alot!!! isnt it crazy?

oh look at him.. he makes my hurt weak. [tibetan refugee camp.]
prayer book [tibetan refugee camp]

lake in pokhara. after sunset

waiting for time to go by :)

their humble home.. oh the laughs!!

Adam diving in the most amazing lake!!

hello there Joel! british head wrap!

i have one of these without the kid on the side, but its so discrete and i just love that smile!

im amazed at how beautiful these kids are !
Namaste everyone! :)

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  1. hey my little monkey, what an amazing adventure you are having and what fantastic pictures. Kepp it up and enjoy your experience. We are really proud of you. Thanks for sharing all of it. Kisses Pa & Ma

  2. decided to take a quick very quick brake from my studying, and trop a few word :)
    I L-ove the first picture! When i saw it, t reminded me a bit of Steve Mccurry!
    wwee, Nice catch of Adam diving, that must have been so much fun, and so relaxing all around you! aaww, the 3 sister, made me smile, they are so happy and full of smiles!!! lovely lovely!
    happy birthday to Mini :)
    fat hugs little rider!

  3. lol im so tired i just dosed off while the comment was being downloaded:)

  4. I'm starting get addiction in this blog...
    Hey sexy jessiriela on the master scooter...
    I don't know if this flat tire was because of the huge nail, i would say more like the huge belly of jessy (hihihihihih) =P ...
    skin lighter ( =P )
    i love that kid(loocks like he's takins his shot)
    get on the road adventurous...
    ti amo... Rrrrrrrrrrrr

  5. jequinaaaaa!!! é q nem sabes ! sonhei contigo e nesse dia tu ligaste.me ! WOWW q giro !!! adorei adorei !
    jessy driver jessy rider bum bum bum :)
    becino bissino pum pum