segunda-feira, 4 de maio de 2009

the worst 24 hours of my life...

so i got to kathmandu healthy..
i woke up the next day, and felt ok, but then it hit me, the worst began.
had a massive fever, so so big i thought i was going to faint.. big delli belly (strong diarreah) shaking all over, beacuse i was so cold from the fever, it must have been so high couse i was crying from all the pain.. locked in the room for 24 hours, no food just water, hoping it would pass.. at the end ended up going to the hospital. ( thanks mamush, thanks babo) which i tell you, is no picknick. hospitals in nepal are just like refugee camps! they made me lay on a dirty bed, and put a drip on my ram, like a sailine water for rehidration. and gave a lot of diferent medicines, which i wouldnt have taken in any other time. but i really was scared.
now, i had some rice and have been sleeping alot, couse im still very weak. but it should be alright now.. moma's coming :) silly lady

miss you all, ill try to put up some pictures from the kids of the orphanage**
big hugs,jessy

2 comentários:

  1. the great warrior jessy exceeded another big trap in her adventure...
    go jessy go...

  2. you are getting better, big big smiles!