segunda-feira, 22 de junho de 2009

did someone say friends?

Do you know those people that make you smile just by thinking of them? it might be because they are sweet, funny, very huggable, silly, kind, or just because you dont know why you love them so much, except the fact that you do!
i have this a lot! i also have lots of "anonymous friends". i believe that anyone who can make you smile is a friend. anyone who makes a positive difference in your day, can be your friend.
..the lady that gives you a lift because you look like her daughter, the man that says hello with a big smile, every morning without knowing your name. the girl that you shared good laughs with, on the plane, the guy that when you asked for a direction, said: ill take you! :) the old lady that gives you a bag of plums because time might go by faster, the taxi driver that offers to take you for free because you're lost, the lady that gets of the bus, looks at you and says you are beautiful, the good friend of a friend that you have never even seen, and lets not forget the friend that you talk to, but is not really there.. you know, the imaginary friends everyone keeps in their pocket! all these people are my friends, and probably yours too.. a friend of a friend, is my friend to!
welcome friends of the universe!! :) nice to meet you!

to all of my good dear fantastical friends:
samy, mom, dad, oma, opa, nonna, nonno, pipa, sara, pardal, zeca, tina, carlos, lho, vi, pedro, pedro, rod, leo, lourenço, sien, orlando, idalina, shani, stephie, paul, nicholas, mafalda, joana, lourenço, mariana, fatima, sammy, raul, anita, claudi, colin, martina, adriano, chico, sara, sarmento, aninhas, jonas, the nepali girl that thinks im funny, vera, ines, ninhas, catarina,the 3 placidos, salima, mohan, angelina, rita, liliana, sara, marina, dr deepika, esther, jim, robbie, joel, charley, robb, michael, brett, the guy that says, "we believe in karma",lurdes, diana, rosa, carlos, lina and co., anny, enrico, daniela, saskia, ando, antony, sally, viola, valentina, vicky, max, marco, annie, fernanda, renata, brenda, brin, mini, ash, mackey, ines, ana rita, the old lady in the local nepali bus that talked and talked, crista, anica, pipa, luis, bernardo, joana, ana, catarina, rivca, william, seed, helio, luz, belarmina, everyone in the circle of magoito, because i never see them, but i care deeply for them, the england bunch, ferrucio, uccha, mammy bashanti, brian, the man from the sky, prazeres, the laundry man in thamel, ohh i could go on for ever:) and i know i havent mentioned a lot.. you tell me!

have a wonderful day* jessy

3 comentários:

  1. puki this is sooo lovely!! Wonderful words and smiles! its funny to see how friends & us grow up, and where the wind decides to blow us :)
    A big smile to ~friends~ thank you for sharing this with us!
    Love you Tons my lady darbanville :)
    have a wonderful and peaceful night* samita chikitita
    hugs from the flowered San Fran ;)

  2. ...the guy that says, "we believe in karma"...
    hihi lub toi ;)

  3. my lady gabandi :)
    love you tons ! big smile and a HUG !
    it made me cry =) kikz: